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Thank you to those who have posted comments.  However, I did want to set some ground rules.  First, comments should only be related to the topic to which you are responding.  We do not accept any solicitations promoting any cause, organization, business, or anything contrary to Biblical principles to which we as an spiritual service organization are accountable both to the Lord Jesus and those entities to which we have a responsible affiliation.  Therefore, these comments will be removed.  Second, please keep your comments brief and encouraging; slanderous and rude comments will not be tolerated and be removed immediately. If you have a specific concern, please email me and I will be glad to communicate personally to your concern.  
Thank you for time and attention to this.  We desire our website to be uplifting, encouraging, and helpful for those seeking a church home, a place to serve, and to know more about our ministry.  May God richly bless and guide your life.
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